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About Solitaire TriPeaks Garden

What is Solitaire Tripeaks Garden?

Solitaire Tripeaks Garden is a new game with numerous intriguing levels that are wonderfully developed. By finishing the first mission, you will be able to plant various flowers in the vase. Make your own garden using the flowers supplied in the game "Solitaire Tripeaks Garden." Each of the chosen flowers will have a total of 20 quests, for a total of 10 flowers. Imagine having access to all 200 levels right now!

You'll have twice the enjoyment of traveling through your solitaire adventure with Solitaire TriPeaks Garden, control a gorgeous planet, and collect rewards as you progress in the game. As you progress through the solitaire story, you will be repairing and building your character's dream mansion.

Game Rules

The rules of Solitaire Tripeaks Garden are the same as those of the original Tripeaks game. To remove a card from the tableau, tap on a card that is one rank higher or one rank lower than the card on top of the garbage pile. The card that was removed will be added to the top of the garbage pile.

The tableau's arrangement changes throughout the levels, with some being more difficult than others, keeping you on your toes.

Face-down cards in the arrangement will be exposed automatically once all cards on top of them are eliminated.

When you are stuck, you can discard a card from your stock. The stockpile is located adjacent to the rubbish pile, facing down.

Because the stock cannot be reset, if it is empty and you run out of moves, you will lose the level. Alternatively, you can purchase additional cards in 5-packs. The first set of five extra cards you purchase will be free; further purchases will require you to spend coins. If you're really stuck, keep an eye out for cards that wiggle - they indicate viable moves.

How to play

Using Mouse

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