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About Uno Online

Uno game online is one of the famous card games in many countries around the world. This game has a new way of playing with interesting gameplay and combinations of many different cards.

What is Uno online?

Uno Online is one of the intellectual card game genres that are loved by many parents and children today. With a unique and creative way of playing, there can be many players, so Uno is an interesting choice when playing as a team.

Currently, this game has launched an online version, keeping the same card templates and gameplay. However, when playing it, players will be more convenient in many aspects and can play anywhere at any time, with their friends or maybe with other players.

Uno comes with a special deck of 108 cards in four colors: blue, green, red, and yellow. The cards are numbered from 0 to 9 for each color. It also includes a variety of special function cards, making it a very interesting and distinctive game to play.

With the above explanations, you can somewhat imagine what this game is. However, to get used to it, you must know the rules of the game and how to play it. Here are the instructions on how to play this game

How to play Uno online

Uno Online is a simple card game that may be played by anyone. At the same time, it keeps players interested for long periods of time. Uno is unlike any other card game in terms of how to play it.

The basic Uno has 108 cards including 76 normal cards, and 8 wildcards divided into 4 colors. Along with that are 24 special cards such as the Change Color Card, Draw 4 (Wild Draw 4), Change the Color (Wild Cards) or other action cards such as Turn Ban (Skip), and Reverse Card (Reverse), or Draw 2 (Draw 2). Each of these special cards has its own function.

How to play

First, one side will play any 1 card and the next person must play cards according to the rules of the same color or the same number or Wild card.
Person A has a green card number 3. Then the next player can only play the following pieces

  • Cards are green (Whether normal or special cards must be green cards)
  • Piece with the number 3 (No matter what color)
  • Wild (This piece does not distinguish between color and number)

Furthermore, if the following player does not have one of the three types listed above, he must draw one additional card. It's fine if you can sketch one of the three categories listed above; just write it down. You'll have to give way to the following person if you don't.

If you only have one card left in your hand, you must cry "press 1" to alert the player that you are out of cards. The winner is the player who runs out of cards in his hand.

How to calculate points

  • Normal pieces numbered 0 to 9 are scored respectively from 0 to 9
  • Special troops count 20 points
  • The Wild is worth 50 points
  • Whoever has a card left in their hand will have the corresponding number of points deducted. Whoever wins gets the total score of all players.
  • Special cards in the Uno online
  • Besides the color cards or number cards, playing Uno online also has special cards. This is the unique point of the game. These cards are called function cards that can perform specific functions in the game. It makes the game more special and interesting.

Cards in Uno

Wild Cards

Wild Cards are free cards in the deck. This card usually has a black background with 4 color options. It has the ability to change color to 1 of 4 colors Blue, Green, Red or Yellow depending on the player's preference. The next player must play according to the color of the changed card. An Uno deck has only 4 Change Colors.

Reverse Cards

Reverse Cards are cards that change direction or change direction when playing the game Uno. It is represented by two opposite arrows. In an Uno deck, there are usually 8 Reversing cards. Its function is to reverse the round of the game.

Skip Cards

Skip Cards are cards that take a turn or lose a turn. Because as soon as this special card is played when playing Uno Online, the next player loses his turn and cannot play. The turn is passed to the next player. This card has a symbol of a circle with a diagonal line. An Uno deck has 8 Turn Ban cards that are divided equally among 4 different colors.

Draw 2 Cards

Draw 2 Cards is also known as the +2 card with the symbol of 2 cards of the same color and the number +2 in the corner. When playing this card, the next player is forced to draw 2 more cards at once from the draw pile to add to his hand. Also, lose a turn. 8 Cards Draw 2 cards in an Uno deck of 4 different colors.

Wild Draw 4

The Wild Draw 4 card is considered the most powerful card. This card has a black background with a symbol of 4 cards of different colors. In the two corners of the card is the number +4. With this card when played, you can not only change the color of the card on the next turn, but you can also cause the next player to draw 4 more cards from the draw pile. An Uno deck usually has 4 Change Color Draw 4 cards.

Who made Uno Online?

Uno is a card game inspired by the traditional card game Crazy Eights that originated in the United States. Merle Robbins, a barber in Reading, Ohio in 1971, is the inventor of this game. In 1992, Mattel, a toy company, began manufacturing and marketing it. This is it, a watershed moment in the Uno game's development. Now it has become more popular with Uno online, easier and more convenient for all players

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