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About Pride Mahjong

What is Pride Mahjong?

Pride Mahjong invites us to celebrate Pride Month by joining the LGBT communities around the world in celebrating the freedom to be themselves while playing a fantastic mahjong game that allows you to stretch your brain and have fun as a child with a colorful puzzle game.

Will you be able to locate three identical food-shaped tiles in order to group them and gradually remove them from the board? The tiles are arranged in such a way that only seven tiles can be grouped together at the same time. Discover the best way to remove them without running out of moves, earn three different types of bonuses, and engage in an exciting battle for victory.

Game Rules

The goal is to clear all of the tiles from the table before time runs out. Pick up and move any highlighted tile to the tray by tapping it. To finish the set, add two more tiles with the same icon.

You can use the following boosters to help you complete each puzzle:

  • Return Tile - You have seven empty slots in which to store tiles; if you run out of room, tap the green button to return the last tile you picked up.
  • When you run out of moves, tap the blue button to shuffle the remaining tiles on the board.
  • Magic Wand - This button will finish one set in our tray by removing the missing tile from the board, even if that tile is not yet playable.

How to play

Using mouse

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