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About Solitaire Shuffle

What is Solitaire Shuffle?

Shuffle and battle! Solitaire Shuffle is a classic card game that challenges you to complete a round with a certain number of turns. Arrange the cards and remove them from the screen! The game has many options, including drawing one or three cards at a time and available hints. The game has up to six different languages for you to choose from.

Game Rules

You must also deal with trump cards (22 different cards that range from lowest to highest): please excuse, 1 to 21 and one more face card called the knight, which ranks above the jack but below the queen.

The rules are the same as in the official solitaire, but I added one more top box to stack the trump cards (stack the excuse, then the one, and so on until you reach 21) and one more bottom package to make this extra set of cards easier to manage. Only Kings (R cards) and the 21 (a trump card) can be stacked in the bottom boxes.

How to play

Using mouse

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