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What is Spider Solitaire Classic?

Spider Solitaire Classic puts the popular Spider Solitaire card game in the palm of your hand. As with any Solitaire game, your goal is to sort cards into piles. Each pile can only contain one color and must contain all cards beginning with the king. A card - or a group of cards - can be moved to one of the other columns if the value of the topmost card is exactly one lower than the card being moved on. Play Best Classic Spider Solitaire for free right now and enjoy this masterpiece of a card game!


-Customize: Change the background, card back, and card face for a personalized experience.

-Exciting Daily Challenges: Complete challenges in a row to win nice.

-Easy Winning Deals: Every deal is at least one winning solution.

-Unlimited hints and undo.

-Play offline at any time.

How to play

Using Mouse

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