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About Fairway Solitaire

What is Fairway Solitaire?

Fairway Solitaire is a polished golf solitaire game with a one-of-a-kind concept. The instructions are straightforward: choose cards from the table that are one higher or lower than the card shown at the bottom. Despite the simple rules, gaming is enjoyable and tough because of the unique cards: water hazards, sand traps, iron cards, and wild cards. Can you complete all nine courses?

Fairway Solitaire is a golf-themed solitaire card game comparable to golf solitaire. It belongs to the category of solitaire games, more especially the family of adding & pairing solitaire games. To win a game of Fairway Solitaire, both luck and skill are required.

Game Rules

Fairway Solitaire is a simple and straightforward game. The goal of the game is to clear as many cards as possible from the table.

There is a stock of face-down cards (draw pile) at the bottom, with one card flipped face-up next to it. To remove a card from the table, click a card that is one rank higher or lower than the card at the bottom. The card you clicked will be moved to the bottom, defining your next move.

At the bottom, next to the face-up card, there is an undo button that allows you to take one step back.

When you get stuck, click the stock, and a new card is turned face-up. The round ends when the stock is depleted and you no longer have any legal moves.


  • Play the golf game with thousands of courses in beautiful places all over the world
  • Play with various golf-themed bonuses to power up your game
  • Master the fairways using strategy
  • Use irons and Midas Clubs as wild cards to aid in your strategy, or power-ups like the shuffle and preview to solve perplexing card patterns.
  • Play over 1,000 solitaire levels and counting!

How to play

Using Mouse

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