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About 4 Color Cards

What is 4 Color Cards?

4 Color Cards is a fun card game based on the well-known UNO game. Attempt to eliminate all of the cards in your hand by matching them with the top card on the pile by number or color. Use various types of bonus cards to force your opponents to draw cards, skip turns, change direction, or select a different color.

With a simple interface, familiar classic gameplay, and new and exciting new features, the 4 Colors card game promises to provide players with useful entertainment, fun, and interest.


  • At the start of the game, each player will be dealt a number of cards.
  • When it is the player's turn, he or she must play a card that is the same color or number as the previous card.
  • If no cards are available to play, the player must draw one card.
  • The person who has dealt all of his cards is the winner.


Action Cards

  • Draw Two: Cards with a "+2" on them are drawn. As a result, the next player must draw two cards from the deck and loses their turn.
  • The Skip card causes the next player's turn to be forfeited.
  •  The Reverse card causes the order of play to be reversed.
  •  Wild Cards are cards with all four colors on them that can be used at any time. The color is then selected by the player.
  • Wild Card Draw Four: This is a unique Wild Card with the number "+4" on it. It functions similarly to the Draw Card, but it also causes the next player to draw four cards. You can only play this card if you have no other cards to play that turn.

How to play

Using Mouse

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