Pyramide Solitaire Ancient Egypt

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About Pyramide Solitaire Ancient Egypt

What is Pyramid Solitaire Ancient Egypt?

Pyramid Solitaire Ancient Egypt is a hard solitaire card game in which you must remove all of the cards by adding 13. This free online card game from our website challenges you to eliminate all of the cards on the table by matching pairs that total up to no more or less than thirteen.

To simply eliminate them from the game, add the K and the As, the nine and the four, or the eight and the five. You will not always be able to remove all of the cards but do your best to achieve the maximum possible score. You can take one single card and set it away to match with others later but bear in mind that you must also finish the deck on your left side. Play Pyramid Solitaire Ancient Egypt and have fun!

Game Rules

Pyramid Solitaire's goal is to remove all cards from the pyramid by pairing cards that sum up to 13.

First, 28 cards are dealt face-up in the shape of a pyramid, somewhat overlapping. The remaining cards are shuffled and placed face down in the stock.

  • Pair cards that total 13. Pairing is accomplished by first clicking on the first and then the second card. Only open cards, that is, cards that do not have another card on top of them, can be paired. It makes no difference where the cards are; you can pair cards in the pyramid, the garbage, or the temporary card storage.
  • Aces are worth one, Jacks are worth eleven, and Queens are worth twelve. Ace and Queen, Two and Jack, Three and Ten, Four and Nine, Five and Eight, and Four and Nine are all viable partnerships.
  • Kings are worth 13 points and can be eliminated by just clicking on them.
  • Flip the stock to reveal three more cards, which will be added to the garbage heaps. It should be noted that the stock cannot be reset. You can only go around it once.
  • Move one open card from the pyramid or the garbage to the bottom left of temporary card storage.
  • Click the undo button in the bottom right corner to undo a move. It's worth noting that you can only go back one move.

If you're still not clear which moves are permitted, refer to the in-game instruction.


How to play

Using Mouse

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