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About Magic Towers Solitaire

Magic Towers Solitaire is a more challenging and enjoyable variation of the classic tri-peaks solitaire. A fantastic game for solitaire fans.

The rules of Magic Towers Solitaire are identical to those of the Solitaire game Tri Peaks. The goal of the game is to clear three card-based peaks in order to win a round. Cards from the layout must be placed on the card shown at the bottom. Only cards one lower or one higher in value can be placed here; keep in mind that the Ace is both high and low. If you are unable to arrange any cards from the layout onto the currently displayed card, click the next card button or the wild card to display a new card.

When you finish a layout, you will advance to the next round of the game and start over. To get a higher score, attempt to complete as many rounds in a row as possible. If a round cannot be cleared, the game is over.

Cards in the arrangement can be deleted if they are one higher or lower than the visible deck card at the bottom. If the visible card is an Ace, you can play either a King or a Two. If you are unable to play, click Next Card to reveal the next card.

The wild card can be used at any moment and on top of any other card. After then, you can place any card from the layout on top of it.

The undo button can only be used once.

How to play

Using Mouse

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