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Prepare to put your patience to the test by playing Algerian Patience. The difficulty level has been significantly increased; you must now play with two full decks of cards. The first square should be sorted by suit, from Ace to King, and the last deck should be sorted by suit, from King to Ace.

This game is similar to the popular card game Patience, but it is more difficult! Because two full decks of cards are used! That's why it's called Patience! Your goal is to get all of the cards into the discard piles. Don't forget about it! A timer will appear at the bottom of the screen! The game is played with two decks of cards. Each of the six reserve piles is dealt six cards face up. Then, for each of the eight tableau piles, one face-up card is dealt, and the first four piles receive one more. The tableau is constructed in ascending and descending order using the same card type.

Because the card ranks are continuous, you can put a king on an ace and vice versa. At any given time, only one card can be moved. Any card can be moved to an empty tableau pile as well. Take care! There is no structure in the reserve. Cards can only be moved from the reserve to the tableau or discard piles, not the other way around. You get 5 points for each card moved from the reserve to the tray. You get 10 points for each card you move to the discard piles, and moving a card from a discard pile back to the tableau costs you 15 points.


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Using Mouse

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