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About Uno 52

What is Uno 52?

Uno 52 is a variation of that game in which the deck consists of 52 normal playing cards (deuce to ace) divided into four colors rather than four suits. Players are essentially playing Uno and Poker at the same time by alternating getting rid of cards in the center of the table (Uno) and switching them out in a 5-card hand off to the side (poker). At the end of each hand, the player who has no cards left and the player with the best poker hand split the pot.


This game requires only a keyboard to play. Look at the controller button to see how the console is mapped to the keyboard. For example, the game console's "A" button is mapped to the "Z" key on your keyboard. You can also alter the default key-mapping to whatever you choose.

Use the Save button to save the Uno 52 code to your computer. To resume where you left off, use the Upload option to pick the save code from your PC.

How to play

Using Mouse

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