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About Golf Solitaire Pro

What is Golf Solitaire Pro?

Golf Solitaire Pro Tour is your last stop. With innovative golf gameplay into a classic Tripeaks solitaire, it's a brand new game that offers simple, fun, and addictive gameplay.

Play solitaire Tripeaks and golf together like never before! Choose your first card to start the game and save one for later until you need it. Clear the cards to complete the hole and complete all the holes in a season with the lowest score in your alliance to become the season champion!

Game Rules

Select open cards that are one higher or one lower in value than the open card to remove all cards from the tableau. To receive a new open card, click on the stock (next card).

This is a ten-level game in which players have a limited amount of time to complete each level. The first level has a time limit of 5 minutes and 30 seconds. Each consecutive level's time limit is 30 seconds shorter than the previous level until the final level's time limit is 1 minute. If you fail a level, you can retry it as many times as you want.

Each remaining reserve card at the end of the round is worth 500 points. Based on how quickly they complete the level, players earn a bonus point per second remaining.

Because the cards wrap, you can connect an Ace to either a 2 or a King. There are also other wild cards in the game that you can utilize at any time.

How to play

Using Mouse

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