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About Wild West Freecell

Wild West Freecell

Wild West Freecell is an entertaining card game to play. Freecell game with four levels of difficulty and special action cards. Solve all of the problems, arrange the cards in a row, and clear the levels.

Wild West FreeCell is a free-roaming solitaire game based on the original FreeCell game. The cards in the game have cartoon-style illustrations depicting imagery connected with Wild West culture. A dry gulch can be seen in the background, which is generally a tabletop.

The mode of play can be set to Easy, Hard, or Very Hard. The face-up cards shown in columns in the center of the field are then rearranged into four construct piles by suit in the foundation area, which includes cards marked with tin sheriff's stars. They can use the skull-marked spots to move four cards out of the way at any moment to enable access to other cards easier.

Game Rules

Freecell game with three levels of difficulty and special action cards. The purpose is to transfer all cards in color from Ace to King from the tableau to the four foundations (top right). You can construct the tableau in alternating colors. To temporarily park a card, use the Freecells (top left). Collect the pistol action cards to gain the ability to move any card on a tableau to the first place in a column as a bonus action. You always begin with one or more bonus actions that you can utilize right away.

The foundation building must begin with the Aces and progress higher (A, 2, 3, 4, 5...) until the King is the last card placed atop each pile. This assignment is completed by the player by constructing column structures of non-suit, descending cards (K, Q, J, 10, 9...) in alternating colors to reach the Aces and expose cards required to finish foundation piles.

Wild West FreeCell has a number of tools to assist the player with their mission. For example, the player can utilize double pistol cards to move any card from the top to the bottom of a column build, making lower-value cards buried beneath higher-value cards more accessible. They can also undo their previous move, get a hint about the next possible action, and reshuffle all the cards in a column.


How to play

Mouse: Click a card to move it automatically. Slide the cursor above it, press the left button, slide the card to the chosen column, and then release the button.
Mobile: Tap a card to automatically transfer it. Slide the cursor into position, press the touchpad or screen, slide the card to the desired column, and then release the surface.

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