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About Uno heroes

UNO Heroes is a web browser game that allows you to play a modified version of the classic UNO game on your computer or mobile device. The superheroes have been imprisoned, and you must act quickly to free them! But first, you must earn coins by playing UNO games in order to purchase their freedom. The rules of UNO are in effect. Have fun with it.

In the game Uno Heroes you will go to a tournament held between different superheroes on one of the planets in space. Fighting between them will happen with the help of cards. At the beginning of the game you choose a character that you will play. Then you and your opponent will sit at the card table. You will receive cards of a certain dignity. You will need to put on top of exactly the same suit in the suit. If you don't have it, you'll need to get another card. Your mission is to reset all your cards faster than your opponent will.

The rules are straightforward, especially because many of you are already familiar with the game. The first player to run out of cards wins. Remember to press the UNO button when you're ready to discard your second-to-last card!

How to play

Use the left mouse button to choose a card. 

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