Spooky Tripeaks

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About Spooky Tripeaks

You begin with a deck of cards, with one card face up. Your objective is to clear all of the cards from the board before your deck runs out! Cards that are one value higher or lower than the face-up card can be cleared. Aces can be counted as either high or low!

Click the pile to draw a new face-up card if there are no cards on the board that are one number higher or lower than your card. You must clear the entire board before your draw pile runs out of cards!

You'll get a Joker if you clear six cards in a row without drawing another. You can use Jokers as wild cards, which means that once you click the Joker, you can then click on any card on the board to clear it.

Other special cards may appear on the board from time to time. Click on them to use their special abilities!

Clear the entire board before the green timer drops beneath any skulls to earn 3 stars.

How to play

Using Mouse

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