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About Solitaire Swift

What is Solitaire Swift?

Solitaire Swift is the newest fast and enjoyable way to play traditional Solitaire games. In this game, you place consecutive cards that are either higher or lower than the card on the construct pile. Colors and outfits are unimportant. To unlock more build piles, reveal and play cards with a key symbol. The game begins in 'Relax Mode,' when you have all the time in the world to plan your next move. After you finish your first match, two more difficult game types will be unlocked. The 'Time Mode' is Solitaire Swift at its finest - you only have 90 seconds to clear all the cards, but you can gain more time by clearing many cards in a row. Will you be able to clear all of the cards?

In 'movements Mode,' you have an unlimited amount of time but only a certain number of movements to clear all cards. Play Solitaire Swift for free right now and get all the pleasure and challenge you crave.

Game Rules

This is when Solitaire Swift begins to differ from normal Solitaire. This game will occasionally grant you small perks and assist you. Extra cards will appear on the screen from time to time. These cards will bear a small symbol in the shape of a key. Every time you "reveal" these cards, you will be able to unlock two extra build piles, extending the game but boosting your chances of winning. Furthermore, unlike the original game, Solitaire Swift is a mobile game, which implies that it will almost always contain many levels. In addition, after completing the first round, two other modes will be unlocked. Solitaire Swift, like many other classic-inspired mobile games, offers a high score function that allows you to keep track of your personal progress and improve your game.

While solitaire is often played with one person, there's nothing stopping you from playing with your family and friends. Take turns beating one other's high score or simply strategizing together!

How to play

Using Mouse

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