Solitaire Farm Seasons 2

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About Solitaire Farm Seasons 2

What is Solitaire Farm Seasons 2

In Solitaire Farm Seasons 2, your farm will have even more levels than before! You can demonstrate your knowledge of the game by clearing the cards in over 3000 stages. Click on a card that is one value higher or lower than the card in front of the draw pile to clear all the cards on the table. You can use the draw pile if none of the cards are suited. If the draw pile is depleted, you can either purchase additional cards or restart the level.

Later levels allow you to acquire benefits that will aid you in completing the progressively challenging stages. Use delectable crops to clear all of the cards and expand your farm!

Game Rules

Your goal is to take all of the cards at the top and place them in the deck below, which you can do by always clicking on a card with a level that is one number higher or lower, and when you do that, they stack, and if you can't make any more moves, you should click on the deck of cards to add new ones.

You can earn one to three stars based on your performance, and each subsequent level will be more challenging than the one before it, but it will also be more enjoyable. Let's get started, and don't stop there because there are always more excellent games on our website!


  • Play, Plant, and Harvest your farm crops!
  • There are almost 3000 distinct Solitaire levels!
  • Daily missions and exciting game modes!

How to play

Using Mouse

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