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About Poker World

Poker World is a fantastic new offline poker game that will immerse you in the world of poker. Have you ever played poker in Macau? Have you ever been to the magnificent Monaco casino? Or did you go all in at the Bellagio in Las Vegas? This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity provided by Poker World.

Poker World is a single-player poker game in which the goal is to become the world's best poker player. The game features a novel navigation system in which the globe guides you from city to city. In Poker World, you begin your first poker tournament in the southern United States. You advance and raise your status as a poker player in the scene by winning tournaments and earning large amounts of chips. As a result, you will be able to participate in larger and more exciting poker tournaments. A higher status also entitles you to better sponsor deals. A third party provides the sponsor deals in order to increase your tournament winnings.

On your path to becoming the best poker player, you will be unexpectedly invited for heads-up battles by the World's Top 10. When you defeat all ten opponents, you 'own' the leaderboard.


How to play

Using Mouse

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