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About Poker Quest

You are a young nobleman who’s always dreamed of leaving the country and exploring the world. You secretly plan to leave when you’re of age. One evening, while you and your childhood friend are playing a card game together, fate takes a turn and you’ve whisked away to another world where you have to become a great poker player if you want to survive. It won’t be easy though, as this world is full of dangerous beasts and thieves. Can you rise to the challenge, find your fortune and win the heart of the lovely princess? If you answer yes to any of the above questions, then Poker Quest is the game for you.

Poker Quest is a fantasy game in which you face monsters in a world full of them while using a typical deck of playing cards (such as the "Queen of Spades") to enhance your weapons in battle. Stronger abilities on your objects might be triggered by larger and better hands.

Thousands of goods and hundreds of monsters await you. March through a randomly generated high-fantasy environment, encountering a wide range of locations and events.

Choose from a variety of heroes. Each hero has their own set of equipment and skills, allowing for a variety of play styles.


- Castles, Knights, Wizards, and Dragons abound in this rich and fascinating realm. In addition, there are poker cards.
- Whether you want to play with or without permanent enhancements is up to you. (Some people differentiate between rogue-lite and roguelike modes.)
- There are currently 17 different heroes, with many more to come.
- Runs every day with public metrics and other useful information.
- Challenges with game-changing modifications are available.
- Mini-games. Casinos!
- Thousands of one-of-a-kind things.
- There are hundreds of different creatures to choose from.

How to play

Controls Left mouse button

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