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About Original Classic Solitaire

Original Classic Solitaire is an Aged Studio solitaire card game that includes all of the classic elements as well as new features such as a game timer, background theme, card style, and daily challenge.

With The Original Classic Solitaire, you can relive the original solitaire experience! Allow the game to do the heavy lifting with an innovative, user-friendly user interface while you select modes, languages, and other features! Create your ideal solitaire games, select from various draw options, and keep track of your scores and other stats!

This version combines classic solitaire gameplay with digital gaming technology, providing the player with a simple experience while still keeping the game challenging! You can control how many cards are drawn throughout the game, which determines the overall difficulty. There are also language, background, face, and back of the card options to add some flair to the game! As you play solitaire games, the game records your score, playing time, and steps to be added to your stats later. Yes, you can view your stats whenever you want! To view your playtime, scores, win/loss rates, and other statistics, go to the main menu and select the stats option at the top. If you're new to the game, read the instructions in the main menu and start with the "Draw 1" option, which is the easiest to get started with. Continue playing to become the solitaire champion and finish the matches in the shortest amount of time!

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Using Mouse

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