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About Only Up

Only forward! The folk legend "Jack and the Beanstalk" served as inspiration. You'll be following in Jack's footsteps to do more than merely reach the summit.

The user has the ability to slow time and adjust the character's speed in order to pick up as much as possible in a single massive jump or hop. There are also hundreds of Easter eggs and allusions in the game. You play Jack, a slum kid eager to escape poverty and embark on a quest to learn more about the world and herself.

The world has gone nuts, but this could be your chance to figure out why. It can be difficult to find the right path, but don't worry; you can always start over; we all learn from our mistakes, even mine.

Game Rules

The ability to slow time and change the character's speed is one of the most important components of Only Up. Gather as many of these skills as possible before trying the jumps associated with them. This will increase your timing and control when navigating dangerous turns.

Not only that but Only Up offers a big selection of Easter eggs and other items for you to collect and use. Use them with caution to help you overcome obstacles and become a successful player.

Tips and Tricks

Patience is required: Patience is a key component of Only Up! There's no need to rush; instead, thoroughly investigate and plan each jump. Instead of rushing and having to restart, confidence and patience in each jump will allow you to go further.

Use automated abilities: Continue playing once you've become acquainted to the game and aren't missing any platforms. Your character will automatically grab and pull up ledges, assisting you in avoiding incorrect jumps and saving time.

Be cautious with round items: When interacting with circular objects and surfaces in the game, use caution. Physics isn't perfect, and spherical things may cause problems. You may slip off these items even if you jump correctly. So, for your most crucial jumps, be cautious and select stable surfaces.

How to play

Using mouse

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