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About GoodGame Poker

Goodgame Poker belongs to the category of card games that help you improve your poker skills. With randomly drawn cards, players will have to show their Poker skills against other opponents worldwide. The money won will help you own epic avatars, valuable items and show your level compared to others.
The game is built for poker enthusiasts but is a completely healthy and harmless game because the money played in Goodgame Poker is virtual money. This will be a place where players can enjoy their Poker hobby without worrying much about economic issues.

Goodgame Poker gives players a new experience of poker. Casual game genre Goodgame Poker combines all the excitement and strategy in Texas. When you play this online poker game, you can create your own avatar, buy exclusive items, give gifts to your close friends, level up, and do all things your own way.

Goodgame Poker offers two main currencies - it's a dual currency system in the Poker world. The in-game currency is the coins with the $ sign above it. Coins can be earned on the table when winning prizes or making store purchases. The special currency is the gold bar which has a higher value and cannot be earned by playing cards. Players can earn it by winning prizes or buying it in the store. Players can exchange gold bars for coins at a ratio of 1:750. Cash cannot be exchanged for gold bars. Players can buy items with both of these currencies.

The player can reach and pass the 100th level. The higher the level, the more games the player can win and this indicates the player's strength. Every time you win a game, you get extra XP. The amount of XP points depends on the number of opponents in the match. XP points are not just prizes for winning games, there are many achievements that are given to players as extra rewards. Some items in the shop will be unlocked when the player reaches a higher level.

Game Rules

Goodgame Poker offers players a large number of challenges. Each challenge has its own rewards. When overcoming challenges, players will be rewarded with coins, gold bars, and XP points. Prizes won by each player can be displayed in each player's profile. Players will try to improve and upgrade their avatars. The more challenges a player overcomes, the greater the rewards won. Collect medals and become a gambling star!

Goodgame Poker is the perfect amalgamation of all the strategies, skills, and appeal of the Texas Hold'em series with lots of fresh touches in gameplay, user interface, and visual and sound effects.

How to play

Using Mouse

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