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You already know how to play Flip Out if you've played Memory, Concentration, Match Up, or any other matching game. The difference is that it is a free online game with a few twists. Flip Out, for example, will occasionally ask you to match tiles of the same theme rather than exact pairs. Simply choose two tiles to flip over at once. They will vanish if they are a match. Clear the tiles with sparkling stars to get a bonus multiplier for the rest of the game. In this addictively simple free online game, find matches as quickly as possible to score as many points as possible.

A new spin on a classic matching game! Flip Out is a memory-matching game with a unique twist. Simply flip over the cards to find each match before time runs out. You'll flip over the unusual pairings and cards.

This amazing game is an addictive arcade game with a simple objective and challenging gameplay. Flip Out to reveal hidden cards, discover the hidden exit, and reach the end of each level as fast as possible. The game gets more difficult as you progress. So what are you waiting for? Let's get started!

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Using Mouse

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