Far Orion: New Worlds

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About Far Orion: New Worlds

What is Far Orion: New Worlds?

A brave band of heroes led by you will be tasked with ridding the kingdom of Orion of various monsters and villains. Far Orion: New Worlds, a new exciting online game, will assist them with this. The members of your squad will be visible on the screen in front of you. You will control the actions of your heroes using a special control panel with icons. You must approach the enemy and engage them in combat. You will destroy your opponents with weapons and magic spells, earning points in Far Orion: New Worlds. They allow you to learn new spells and acquire new weapons.


  • dozens of one-of-a-kind heroes and battle cards
  • Hundreds of missions in each world
  • no annoying advertisements
  • Arena of PVP
  • a tower with extras
  • Clans and wars between clans

How to play

Using Mouse

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