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About Daily Solitaire

Daily Solitaire is a form of art that combines the elements of card games with the principles of magic and juggling. It is an extremely challenging art form that requires a lot of dexterity, precision, and practice to master. Cardistry is also known as card tricks or card magic and it has been around for quite some time and is practiced by magicians in their shows or private gatherings. Cardistry is basically a subset of the card game called Solitaire. 

If you love card games, you will love this online version of Solitaire. It is easy to understand and play, so anyone from young kids to adults can join in the fun. Playing this game trains your brain, making you smarter and quicker. You might think that sounds boring, but don’t knock it until you try it! Whether you call it Klondike or Solitaire - or something else entirely - this challenging card game will keep your brain sharp and your fingers nimble as you race to empty your deck before the computer beats you to it. Are you ready to test your skills? Let’s get started!

This game has the same principle as any other solitaire card game: combine cards with similar values to remove them from the board. But this time, you will have to do it one by one! There are only 12 cards on each of the three columns, and there will be no new ones coming anytime soon. Your task is to remove all the cards from the board in as few moves as possible. Sounds difficult? It’s not that easy either! 

Are you a master of patience or will we see you throw your cards in frustration? Challenge your skills and test your endurance with this classic card game. The rules are simple: build up from ace to king by suit, removing cards that have a lower value than the one before it. Sounds easy until you get to tricky situations like “Can I discard this card with no place left to put it?” If you love games that involve logic and thinking ahead, this is the challenge for you. 

If you’ve ever stayed at home on a rainy day, you know what a curse cabin fever can be. The house feels smaller and smaller until you think you might go mad from the boredom. What better way to combat this than with card games? Solitaire is perhaps one of the most challenging and fun card games out there. Testing your memory and precision, Solitaire is easy to learn but hard to master. 

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