Crazy Little Eights (Crazy Eights)

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About Crazy Little Eights (Crazy Eights)

Gambling is not something we suggest because it can be rather harmful to your health, but playing some harmless card games based on luck online should not be a problem, especially if you do it here, with new and high-quality games like the one we've included on this page, Crazy Little Eights.

How to play Crazy Little Eights

The basic purpose of the game is to discard all of the cards in your hand, which you achieve by placing cards in play that have the same number or color suit as the one in the middle of the screen, which will form a pile of cards. Cards with the number eight on them, regardless of color or suit, are considered lucky and can be played over any other card.

You can throw in numerous cards of the same rank, and you can even modify the color of the cards required after playing an eight, which has a number of benefits, including this one. Now that you know the rules, go ahead and give the game your all right now, and don't be shy about inviting your friends to play with you; they'll probably enjoy it!

How to play

Tap the card to select it you can select multiple cards When you re done tap the check-mark button to make a move Use the sort button in the left corner to sort cards by rank or suit

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