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About Clash Of Warriors

What is Clash Of Warriors?

Clash Of Warriors is a turn-based card strategy game in which you endeavor to master strategy and deck development. Make clever choices from 90 different magic cards. Conquer battles, defeat opponents, and gain access to ten Arenas. Discover a universe of limitless possibilities, prizes, cards, and levels.

Master strategy and deck construction. Collect and arrange 90 different magic cards in the correct order. Win battles, defeat your opponents, and unlock all ten Arenas. Dive into a land of limitless opportunities, rewards, cards, and levels. Will you be the grand prize winner?

Game Rules

Use the mouse to place warrior cards on the battlefield, next to those placed by the computer, to determine who is your opponent and whom you must beat by placing cards with greater attack power. Make sure you don't run out of troops, and employ unique cards with magical powers, healing, or other cool features to your advantage.

Each battle you participate in becomes tougher than the one before it, but we promise that it is also more fun, so don't stop here, you never know what types of fantastic games we bring you day after day!


  • Engage in a real-time duel with other players from across the world to take their Trophy Points.
  • Earn chests to gain access to gifts, new powerful cards, or to enhance old ones.
  • Destroy your opponent's towers and collect crowns to unlock spectacular crown boxes.
  • Build and improve your card collection with legendary abilities.
  • Create the best combat card deck to vanquish your opponents.
  • Unlock multiple arenas and work your way to the top.

How to play

Using Mouse

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